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Tianjin TV is a comprehensive TV channel which is stood out with its job seeking TV shows and entertainment content. It features over 20 well-produced shows including "Only You", "The Return of the King", "Battle of Love" and "Opera Today" that deal with different hot issues, keeping viewers from home and abroad updated with the latest current affairs, cultural events, tourism information and entertainment news. Tianjin TV has gathered a number of familiar names to helm its popular shows, among which there are veteran hosts Zhang Shaogang, Zhao Zhongxiang and famous cross-talk artist Guo Degan.


  • Talk With Hu Ke

    Talk With Hu Ke

    Hosted by Hu Ke, an all-around star, Talk With Hu Ke is a pop talk show which features one hot-stuff celebrity as its guest for each edition. In addition to revealing the unusual experiences by its star guest through the talks between Hu Ke and her guest, it also makes an attempt to enliven the atmosphere by asking the guests to join some funny games and tests which are designed according to the unique personality and experience of each guest at each episode, the amusing style has brought a fresh impression to viewers, establishing a multiple platform for viewers to up close to their icons....

  • Tianjin Night Carnival

    Tianjin Night Carnival

    Tianjin Night Carnival is a grand variety show jointly hosted by Li Bin, Liu Gang, Tang Congsheng and Shao Jing, four hosts who are best known for their witty style. It is consisted of several segments including Xiangsheng routines, interactive performance between star guests and hosts, as well as star interview, plus, each episode features some distinctive scenarios which are created to force its star guests to show off their special skills and open up about their career and love, all are presented in a hilarious ambience, combined with a magnificent stage design, the humorous style and unique feature has made it stood out from its rivals, enjoying an increasingly popularity since it was debuted at TJTV in 2007....

  • China Right Here

    China Right Here

    China Right Here is a quality interview program focusing on those foreign elites who have lived in China for years and established a special emotional tie with China. It manages to showcase its foreign guests’ genuine life in China and explore their emotional sentiment with China from the host’s perspective. Guests appeared at this program are from tens of countries around the world, such as U.S, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and so on, although each of them lives an unique life in China, all of them share a common love for China....

  • The Story Of Tianjin

    The Story Of Tianjin

    This program will tells you the culture and history of Tianjin. You will discover a brand new world of Tianjin, explore the origin of the name and dialect of Tianjin,and review the stories of celebrities of Tianjin....

  • Songs From Far And Near

    Songs From Far And Near

    In the form of performing by bands, this program shows the playing skills, musical intelligence, as well as performing styles of bands, which will bring to the audience the audio-visual enjoyment....

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