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TJTV HD channel is a 24-hour comprehensive HDTV channel that primarily broadcast news, variety shows and talk shows in mandarin. Tianjin TV delivers breaking news, business report, culture, tourist, entertainment and hitting TV dramas as well as 30 local TV columns that highlight unique culture and custom of Tianjin.


  • China Right Here

    China Right Here

    China Right Here is a quality interview program focusing on those foreign elites who have lived in China for years and established a special emotional tie with China. It manages to showcase its foreign guests\' genuine life in China and explore their emotional sentiment with China from the host\'s perspective....

  • Battle of Love

    Battle of Love

    It is a show dealing with relationship problem. Each episode will see some guests who meet trouble in their relationship seek help from relationship experts, who will use their expertise to give an impersonal and rational analysis of what real obstacles they are now facing that stand in their way to have a happy relationship. It is a show that is designed to help couples what are at a crossroad in their relationship to safeguard their love....

  • Only You

    Only You

    It is job-seeking reality TV show with both professional rigor and entertaining ambience. Presided over by famous host Huang Jianxiang, who will exert his comic skill to light up a light-hearted atmosphere in studio and encourage job seekers who appear on the stage to build a positive view toward their job expectation. Each episode will see a judge panel made up of 12 bosses evaluate the performance of four job seekers....

  • TJTV Morning News

    TJTV Morning News

    It is a news programming that keeps you updated with the latest news in Tianjin, China and the world. It lively broadcast news, life tips and other useful information each morning at 7 am....

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