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Xiamen Star TV

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Xiamen TV is a composite TV channel focusing on entertainment, culture and news. Most content is delivered in Minnanhua, Xiamen TV provides overseas Chinese viewers with the around-the-clock news across the strait, business & finance report, life, weather forecast and other information with its hit programmes like "News Across the Strait " and "Time with Qing Hong". “Blossoming Flowers 2011”, an all-girl reality singing TV show, has conquered countless young viewers, creating a ratings slam dunk.


  • National DV Show

    National DV Show

    As the first Hokkien DV drama, his program calls on grassroots crowds to write, act and shoot their stories by their DV, which will narrow the distance between the audiences....

  • The Cross-Strait News(Hokkien)

    The Cross-Strait News(Hokkien)

    The studios of this program in Beijing, Xiamen and Taipei will jointly offer the current political, economic and social news as well as comments for audience. The elements of cross-strait will be highlighted through various sorts of forms....

  • Say & See (Hokkien)

    Say & See (Hokkien)

    Hosted by humorous A Tuan, this brand new hokkien program will broadcast news in the music form of rap for the first time, which is like a breath of fresh air....

  • Entertainment News

    Entertainment News

    Hosted by popular stars from Taiwan, Entertainment News delivers up-to-the-minute news and reports in the world of showbiz from Taiwanese speaking in Minnan dialect....

  • Life is a Song

    Life is a Song

    Life Is a Song focuses on delivering the themes on love, kindness, inspiration, and success through popular songs in Minnan dialect, unfolding unordinary stories of ordinary people in their daily lives. The program is hosted by Ah Ling who is proficient at Minnan dialect....

  • Stories in Minnan

    Stories in Minnan

    Stories in Minam is the signature program from XMTV that provides viewers with a comprehensive coverage on Minnan. From the traditional local culture to social changes, all are delivered in the Minnan dialect....

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