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Yangtse Drama is a 24-hour SD drama TV channel presented by KylinTV to offer TV dramas featuring such genres as idol, life & family, history & period and military & war for overseas Chinese adults. The channel brings four TV dramas each day, which are broadcast all day around. In addition, some smashing hit TV dramas which have soared on China’s TV screens will simultaneously land on both Yangtse Drama and KylinTV VOD on an irregular basis.


  • The First Tea Shop

    The First Tea Shop

    An inspiring and sentimental melodrama. A cup of tea changes the life of a woman; a tea garden influences a town; a tea shop experiences its rise and decline. Set against the backdrop of a chaotic time, the drama revolves around an enchanting love story involving affection between family members, love and friendship....

  • Love and Separation

    Love and Separation

    The issue of the domestic cold violence caused by infertility which is explored in Love & Separation, a 2007 hit family ethics TV drama starred by Feng Yuanzheng, Yin Tao and Deng Chao, had evoked a public discussion since the drama was aired across China, within less than a week, it had beat off its rivals to take the top spot at the rating....

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