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ZTV International

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Zhejiang TV is a composite TV channel specializing in music and entertainment service. It brings overseas Chinese viewers a wide variety of programmes on such genres as entertainment, culture, travel, food, life and TV drama. "Chinese Dream", a reality TV show presented by Zhejiang TV, has beaten off its rivals aired on the same timetable to top the rating after Shanghainese stand-up comedian Zhou Libo jointed its host lineup. Plus, the popularity of “Karaoke Mic”, another hot reality TV show of the channel, has successfully sent its hosts Zhu Dan and Hua Shao into the A-list host ensemble.


  • Opera World

    Opera World

    With Yue opera as its main content, this opera-highlighted program also bring you other forms of opera plays that are prevailed at different regions in China, such as Beijing opera, Huangmei opera, Ping opera, Yu opera and so on. It largely satisfies opera buffs with the stunning performances by the top opera masters....

  • Outstanding Zhejiang Businessmen

    Outstanding Zhejiang Businessmen

    This program focuses on the most outstanding businessmen who have made great contribution to the dramatic economic development of Zhejing province, it unveils their hardship and efforts behind their success and witnesses their perseverance and determination, the good spirits that shared by all the businessmen in this province....

  • The Prime Time

    The Prime Time

    Oriented to overseas Chinese people, this 20-min-long news program will bring you global information and stories of people living abroad....

  • Reciting Lyrics

    Reciting Lyrics

    It is a popular music program allowing ordinary Chinese who have the ability to recite lyrics of their familiar songs to show off their good memory on its stage. Each edition, a big screen displaying the incomplete lyrics for some songs which are selected from the ones released in the past several decades will be placed in the front of each participant, the one who can sing the most songs will be the winner. Its vibrant ambience and amused style have made it be favored by increasing viewers....

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