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KyLinTV is a world leading IPTV service provider dedicated to servicing the overseas Chinese communities. As the first platform that offers Chinese HD content and the largest selection of content from news, latest dramas, movies, and hottest variety shows to Chinese language learning programs designed for kids from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan through multiple devices, KyLinTV is your first choice when it comes to Premier Chinese TV service.


KyLinTV currently offers the first Chinese HD channels, the largest selection of TV Channels from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and more than 30,000 hours of video-on-demand programs delivered through Industry-leading technology to ensure the best quality on multiple viewing devices, including KyLinTV’s own proprietary set-top box, Smart TV, PC, Android Smart Phone and Tablet (Android/iPad®). In order to transmit content with high stability and delivery speed, KyLinTV partners with industry leading Content Delivery Networks serving content to end-users. More, our built in adaptive streaming technologies automatically select the highest quality signals that is suitable for your available bandwidth. Learn More

Compare to Competition

Find out why KyLinTV offers 'best bang for the dollar' With the over 70+ Live Channels, including 8 HD channels, ATV, Phoenix TV, National and Provincial Channels from China, FTV from Taiwan, you now have the freedom how you want to watch your favorite Live TV channels and VOD programs— on Smart TV, PC, iPad®, Android Tablet (version 3.1 above) or regular TV with KyLinTV Set-top Box-- daytime or nighttime, in your room or at the airport, You decide!.

KyLinTV vs. Other Chinese IPTV vs. Satellite TV

Q: What are KyLinTV's competitive advantages over other Chinese IPTV providers and Satellite TV


  • First platform that offers Chinese HD TV channels & many SD channels;
  • Largest selection of TV channels with over 70 popular Chinese Channels and latest Chinese dramas, movies, entertainment shows, animated cartoons, and Chinese learning programs in VOD format, priced at an incredible value;
  • Only platform that offers "TV on the go" – watch KyLinTV service on traditional TV, Smart TV, PC, Android Smart Phone and Tablet (iPad®/Android);
  • Only platform that offers 8 Chinese High Definition channels;
  • First to offer English language package, dedicated to English speaking customers who are interested in China and learning the language,  provides up-to-date English language programs focus on China Economy and culture.;
  • Offers the most user-friendly interactive set-top box features, including 48 Hour Automatic DVR (Record-less DVR), channel selection, channel playback, and electronic program guide, and a lot more;
  • First to offer Adaptive Streaming, the next-generation content delivery technology, allowing user to view the maximum picture quality with minimum bandwidth required;
  • External 300mbps 802.11N wireless adaptor which provides a safest and faster speed for transmitting data. It can even support WPA2 security mode as well.

Q: Many IPTV services have buffering issue; will it occur when I use KyLinTV?

A: KyLinTV adopts adaptive streaming technology applied to the service on all devices. At playing, the adaptive streaming technology will automatically pick the best video quality adapting to user's internet connection speed. When the internet speed fluctuates, going lower or higher, set-top-box will auto-adjust the video quality until the playing stabilizes. Therefore, customer will not notice the change of video quality nor experience buffering problem.

Q: Compared to Satellite TV, how’s Installation and signal stability of KyLinTV?

A: KyLinTV provides easy installation. You can connect KyLinTV Set-top Box (STB) to your internet router or modem via Ethernet cable or wireless, and then connect STB to your TV via video and audio cable to receive TV signal.  Or, you can enjoy the same programs on your Smart TV, PC, Android Smart Phone or Tablet (iPad®/Android).  No need to hire technician for installation. No impact from weather or dwelling location. However, you need to pay extra fee to hire technician for install Satellite. Weather condition and dwelling location affects the signal delivered by Satellite. When it’s rainy or heavy snows, your Satellite may lost the signal.

Q: How many Cantonese channels/programs provided by KyLinTV? How much is the monthly fee? Is there any difference compared to Satellite TV?

A: KyLinTV offers up to 4 Cantonese channels and programs. You can access all your subscribed channels on traditional TV, Smart TV, PC, Android Smart Phone and Tablet (iPad®/Android). KyLinTV also provides the most user friendly features to enhance your viewing experience. The monthly fee only starts at €12.99/ £12.99. Compared to the Satellite TV provider with 5 TV channels and charge close to €40/ £25 per month, KyLinTV offers 'best bang for the dollar'.

Q: Where was KyLinTV founded? Who is the founder?

A: KyLinTV was founded in Long Island, New York by Mr. Charles B. Wang, who is also the founder of Computer Associates. KyLinTV was established in 2004 and launched the first Chinese IPTV service in North America in 2005. The key success element of KyLinTV is its advance video streaming technology that delivers excellent picture quality to households with minimum bandwidth requirement.

Q: What makes KyLinTV a legit IPTV operator?

A: KyLinTV is a registered U.S. company. All the television channels and programming carried by KyLinTV have been properly licensed by its rightful owner. Unlike some Chinese TV providers who offer consumer pirated video content without going through proper licensing process with content owner and provide content

Q: Why some of the local channels from China are not carried by KyLinTV?

A: According to SARFT “State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television”, a television station must go through proper evaluation process and gain approval before it can air its channel outside of China. The purpose for this process is to ensure television stations only offer programs that meet the highest quality standard. Before any local province channels being evaluated by SARFT, KyLinTV cannot carry these channels.

Q: There are service providers offering cheaper price, are they any better?

A: Having competition offering similar service almost always benefit the consumer. However cheaper does not mean better. There is an old Chinese saying: you get what you paid for. Customer should pay extra attention when a cheaper alternative presents itself. Is it legal? Do they provide any customer service and technical support? Will they be in the business for long? Do they provide better technology and user-friendly features? Do they provide HD signals to enhance your viewing experience? These are the questions a consumer should consider before going for the “cheap” one.

Q: What are International Channels? How is it different than the regular province channels?

A: International Channels are channels specially created for overseas Chinese. All programs broadcasted have been carefully selected and approved by SARFT (The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television). Any channels without getting approval by SARFT are consider pirated content and may brought unnecessary lawsuits to service providers who offer these channels.