Watch the largest selection of TV Channels and VODs on all your favorite devices.

The first platform offering Chinese HD content with the largest selection of content from over 100 popular TV channels. Watch over 30,000 hours of VOD content from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

With one account, watch news, dramas, movies, the hottest variety shows and Chinese language learning programs designed for kids. All in amazing picture quality on your TV, PC, Android smart phone and Tablet. Make your TV truly on the go.

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KyLinTV Pack
Basic package providing the best value package suitable for the entire family.
$16.99 /mo
  • Get an additional 11+ Channels for FREE
Taiwan TV
Best-valued package in the market offering the most popular Taiwanese channels.
$22.99 /mo
  • Get an additional 11+ Channels for FREE
VOD Select
The largest Video-On-Demand library featuring hottest movies, TV dramas, fashion and health programs.
$9.99 /mo
The Best VOD in Chinese

VOD Kids
The first TV Package focused on Kids Education and Learning Chinese.
$9.99 /mo
The Best VOD for Kids

Panorama China
Includes English Channels and VODs, designed for the audiences who are interested in China and learning the language.
$9.99 /mo
English channels + VOD


Bundle & Save

Get more for less when you get both KyLinTV and KyLinVoice.  Order Now

KyLinTV + Taiwan TV
The best choice of channel package for Taiwanese families.
$29.99 /mo
30+ Channels
  • Get an additional 11+ Channels for FREE


Regular TV

On your Regular TV

Just connect the KyLinTV set-top-box to your television and plug it in to your broadband access - cable, ADSL or fiber optics. That's all it takes. Turn it on, relax in couch and start watching your favorite Chinese TV channels on your TV. KyLinTV features hassle-free Installation with no bulky satellite TV equipment. Setting up your KyLinTV set top box is as easy as installing a DVD player, and can be done in as little as 5 minutes with a few simple steps & no holes to drill.
Set-top TV

On your Smart TV, 3rd Party Set-Top Box, and Blu-Ray Player

KyLinTV continues to expand the borderless lifestyle! Through partnership with industry leaders, Google TV and Apple, KyLinTV App is available for download 3rd party set-top box, TV, and Blu-ray player built in with Android TV system , including LG Smart TV, Logitech Revue, Vizio Co-Star Stream Player, Sony Blu-Ray Player and Sony Internet TV etc.
Android TV App Direct Download> Android TV App from Play Store>

On your PC

Tired of watching low quality and lagging internet video online? Don't compromise. Get access to a wide variety of the high quality Chinese TV channels and over 30,000 hours of on-demand videos on KyLinTV easy-to-use PC platform. Watch Live channel or 48 hours channel playback with EPG as you wish. No set up is needed. KyLinTV PC platform is your ultimate destination to PC entertainment.

On your Tablet / Smart Phones

Watch KyLinTV on-the-go! KyLinTV App is now available in Apple Store and Google Play Store on your Tablet (Android Table with 3.2 version or above) and Android smart phone(4.0 version). Or free download to your iPad, Android Tablet and Smart Phone by click the link below.
KyLinTV iPad App Download> KyLinTV Android Tablet and Smart Phone App APK download> KyLinTV Android App for Tablet and Smart Phone-Download from Google Play Store>

Advanced Features

Excellent Viewing Quality

The built-in Adaptive Streaming technology allows KyLinTV customers to enjoy the best picture quality with minimum bandwidth. The new KyLinTV set-top box is equipped with an HDMI port as well as a new wireless adaptor.

48 Hour Automatic DVR

Missed an important news session or routinely watched show? No worries. KyLinTV enables user to play, rewind, pause or fast forward any content broadcasted in past 48 hours at any given time as well as live TV, just like a DVD player.

Channel Playback

Flexible and time saving, scene selection feature enables users to instantly jump to a desired portion of TV program playing. More time to focus on enjoying your entertaining moments.

Channel Selection (picture-in-picture)

Wondering what’s showing on other channels? With just one button, preview multiple channels simultaneously. The Channel Selection feature functions exactly like picture-in-picture, allowing you to see screen shots of on-going programs without interrupting your viewing experience.

EPG and Live Channels

The Electronic Programming Guide is one of KyLinTV’s greatest innovations. A convenient navigation for you to explore all our live channels.


KyLinTV grants you access to its vast library of shows and programs on demand. Tailor-made for seniors, kids, and those who love TV/Movie entertainment, includes classic TV dramas, movies, cartoons and documentaries. Check out how our VOD selections look.

Maximum picture quality with minimum bandwidth

The built-in Adaptive Streaming technology allows KyLinTV’s customer to enjoy the best picture quality with minimum bandwidth.

Easy Setup

Setting up of KyLinTV is an easy as installing ia DVD player and can be done in as little as 5 minutes witha a few simple steps

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CHANNELS KyLinTV Pack Taiwan TV KyLinTV + Taiwan TV
Asia TV HongKong  
China Entertainment TV (CETV)  
CTS (HD)  
Formosa TV (HD)  
ICN Chinese
Kunlun Drama (HD)
Kylin Kids Channel  
KyLinTV Variety (HD)  
Leisure Channel  
Macau Lotus TV  
PhoenixTV InfoNews (HD)
Reading Channel  
Sky Link TV1
Sun TV  
Yangtse Drama